IG Logo

Our Indigenous Grapevine Logo celebrates unity of First Nations Peoples


While we come in many shades, our identities are not defined by the pigmentation of our skin. Our sacred identities have been passed down through the generations since the beginning of time and are more complex than can be comprehended by non-Indigenous persons. This image also celebrates the beauty and strength created by unity of the original and still existing First Nations throughout these lands despite the atrocities our ancestors endured, the constant struggles our present and future generations have and are yet to face and WILL overcome thanks to our endless resilience. 

We remain united and will not be divided. 
We are still here and will continue rise up together.

Our logo was Designed by Barkindji/ Birri Gubba/Wakka Wakka artist Emily Johnson (insta @darthem123) just over two years ago and we are forever grateful to Emily for using her artistic talent to make our vision of this image come alive.