Obe Creations

Obe is a 9 year old Torres Strait Islander boy that has been passionate about marine life since before he could talk, especially his favourite sea animal, the Green Sea Turtle. He also enjoys learning more about his cultures, mathematics, science & histories and we believe that these interests have been the reasons for Obe to have dreams one day become an environmental engineer or a similar role and making a difference to protect the land and seas of the Torres Strait. 

Obe has been wanting to design his own T-Shirt collection, since we launched the store and lately has been really expressing the connection he feels to land and sea through his art. So he wants to make these T-Shirts for himself and for other people who share the same passions, that can wear them and use them as conversation starters when they around family & friends.

Portions of profits from Obe's designs will be donated to a Not for Profit Organisation of Obe's choice.